Bunker Halls Besieged
Scythe Scarab
Scythe Scarab, level 8
Start Bunker Halls Guard
End Bunker Halls Guard
Location Bunker Halls
Experience 1800
Reward 300 Shilling, Metal

Bunker Halls Besieged is a daily quest found in The Refuge that takes players to the Bunker Halls.


The Bunker Halls have been overrun by Clockroaches, and worse! Completing the Bunker Halls Challenges will help the Nexan Guard reclaim its property.

  • Bunker Halls Treasure Hunter: Complete the Bunker Halls Treasure Hunter Challenge to ensure the Nexan Guard hasn't left any valuable equipment behind.
  • Return to the Guard: Report back to the Bunker Halls Guard to inform him of what you've found.
  • Bunker Halls Boss Raid: Complete the Bunker Halls Boss Raid Challenge by defeating the hungry Scythe Scarab, scattering his minions, and winning a reprieve for the beleaguered Nexan Guard!
  • Return to the Guard: Report back to the Bunker Halls Guard to announce your victory and receive your reward.

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